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Date: 08 December 2011

지난 2011년 12월 5일, DGIST Humanlab은 영국 Embed사와 연구협력을 위한 MOU(Memorandum of Understanding)를 체결하였습니다. 이날 협약식에서 Ivan Willson(Director, Embed)씨와 손준우 박사(DGIST- Humanlab)가 서명함으로써 상호협력을 서약하게 되었습니다.

또한, 연구협력의 일환으로 재규어 랜드로바 기술연구소, DENSO 영국법인, 워릭 대학 영국 코벤트리 지역의 여러 기업을 방문했습니다. 이번 방문을 통하여, 국제협력을 위한 네트워크 형성뿐만 아니라 각 기관의 연구 결과 및 데이터 공유 등 공동의 관심사를 확인할 수 있었습니다.

dgist logoDr Joonwoo Son, the head of the HumanLAB at DGIST, visited Embed to further the cooperation between the two organisations. To formalise the joint work and research a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, was happily entered into. This was signed by Mr Ivan Wilson, a Director and Co-Owner of Embed Limited and Dr Joonwoo Son himself.

As part of the visit Dr Joonwoo Son also visited several local companies with Embed, namely Jaguar Land Rover, DENSO SALES UK and Warwick Manufacturing Group. This has increased the research network and contacts so together all the parties share data, work and results as is appropriate in each case.
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