Research presented at International Conference on Automotive UI 2012


The DGIST HumanLAB research scientist Joonwoo Son, Ph.D. and research associate Myoungouk Park presented findings at the 4th Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI 2012) in Portsmouth, NH on October 17.

One presentation, entitled “Sensitivity of Multiple Cognitive Workload Measures: A Field Study Considering Environmental Factors,” represented to compare the sensitivity of multimodal cognitive workload measures for classifying a driver's cognitive demand level from on-road experimental data. The result suggested that heart rate, standard deviation of gaze movement and steering wheel reversal rate can be potential measures of driver’s cognitive workload to estimate drivers’ cognitive demand level. It is expected that these measures can be used for evaluating the design of in-vehicle interface objectively.

The other presentation, entitled “Age and Gender Differences in the Acceptance and Effectiveness of Intelligent Warning Systems,” represented to investigate age and gender differences in the acceptance and effectiveness of intelligent warning systems, through on-road field experiment with or without ADAS (Advaced Driver Assistance Systems). The results suggested that age and gender differences in the effectiveness and acceptance of intelligent warning system were significant and the effectiveness and acceptance can differ from its intended effects.

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